Women On Wellness in Fairmont Saturday, July 31

Registration free to military personnel and military wives

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Women are often so devoted to the needs of others, they may neglect their own. A special gathering this month will encourage women to focus on their personal health and wellness. The National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health at West Virginia University is conducting a Women On Wellness (WOW) retreat on Saturday, July 31, in Fairmont.

This is the third in a series of retreats around the state scheduled for this year.  “There are so many things in our lives to distract us, but we have to prevent them from taking over,” Center Director Betty Critch said.  “WOW's message is personal empowerment. I think we make a positive impact on the women who attend our retreats.”

Participants will go through a program of various activities for maintaining, moving and nourishing the body. Health screenings are also offered.

Retreat activities include yoga, zumba, meditation and massage, nutrition, heart health and wellness in general. Every woman will have the opportunity to develop a journal workbook, as well as a personal wellness plan.

The location for the retreat in Fairmont is Heston Farm, and the hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Registration is $50. WOW registration is free for military personnel and military wives, in honor of their service or their family member’s service. Scholarships are available.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing for a full day of lifestyle enrichment including a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. For more information about the retreat, see http://www.wowicandoit.com/.

For more information about the WVU National Center of Excellence for Women's Health, see http://www.wvhealthywomen.org/.


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