MyWVUChart debuts at WVU Healthcare clinics

Electronic medical records now accessible to patients

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – If the old adage is true that knowledge is power, patients at West Virginia University are now empowered to better manage their own health with online access to their medical records through MyWVUChart.

Through their doctors, or just by signing up for MyWVUChart online, patients now have online access to their health summaries, test results, hospital admissions, medications, allergies, immunizations, clinical documentation, current health issues, health trends, clinic calls and growth charts. They can also request appointments and prescription renewals, and send e-mail to their physicians’ offices.

If a physician wants a patient to monitor his/her blood sugar or blood pressure daily, the patient can use MyWVUChart to post the information. The physician then has immediate access to it. When a patient has an appointment with another WVU Healthcare provider, that provider has access to all the patient’s records. This is helpful to the doctor and allows him/her to provide better care to the patient.

“WVU Healthcare is proud to be one of the first healthcare facilities in the country to provide this service to our patients. Patients are excited about having access to their health records,” Kevin Halbritter, M.D., vice president of medical staff affairs and chief medical information officer, said.

More than 3,000 licensed users regularly access their electronic health records online. All primary care departments are now using MyWVUChart.

The system is secure, and all personal information is encrypted for privacy. It is a means of electronic connectivity for patients who want it, but they are not required to use it. MyWVUChart doesn’t substitute for face-to-face communication with physicians or other healthcare providers. WVU Healthcare practitioners will continue to provide the usual high level of care to their patients.

To sign up for MyWVUChart, see www.wvuhealth.com.


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