WVU offering single-incision laparoscopic surgery

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Ehab Akkary, M.D., director of bariatrics and advanced laparoscopic surgery at West Virginia University, is providing what he calls the “most minimally invasive of minimally invasive surgeries” – single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS).

Traditional laparoscopic procedures require a minimum of three small incisions. With the SILS procedure, a single incision is made inside the belly button and is used as the access point for all needed equipment. Because of the location of the incision, any scar that occurs as a result of the procedure is completely hidden.

Dr. Akkary began performing SILS procedures in the summer of 2009. WVU was one of the few institutions across the nation that adopted this unique approach early on.

Most of the SILS surgeries Akkary performs are gall bladder and appendix procedures. To date, he has done about 50 of those cases using SILS. “This approach can be implemented selectively in various abdominal operations, including weight loss surgeries,” he said.

Akkary advises that the SILS procedure does take slightly longer than traditional laparoscopic surgery. There is also no significant decrease in post-surgical pain or recovery time. However, for those who are concerned about multiple incisions and scars, this procedure may be the answer.

“This is the natural evolution in advanced laparoscopic surgery,” Akkary said.

For more information on minimally invasive surgery at WVU see http://www.hsc.wvu.edu/som/Surgery/MinimallyInvasive.



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