WVU Health Sciences graduate students inducted
Pledge to uphold ethics in biomedical research

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Thirty students in West Virginia University health sciences graduate programs were inducted into the scientific community Friday (Dec. 11) in a ceremony that included a pledge to direct their scientific work to the benefit of all humanity,

Each of the students has finished at least a year of work toward the Ph.D. or M.D. degree, and has identified a research area and a faculty mentor. At the induction ceremony, the mentors presented their students with lab coats symbolizing their dedication to research and discovery. The students are in programs of the WVU Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing.

Robert R. Ruffolo Jr., Ph.D., retired president of research and development and corporate senior vice president for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals delivered an address to the students and their families.

C. Robert Craig, Ph.D., professor emeritus, WVU School of Medicine, led the students in the Ethical Affirmation for Scientists:
As I embark on my career as a biomedical scientist, I willingly pledge that I will honorably represent my scientific profession, that I will conduct my research and my professional life in a manner that is always above reproach, and that I will seek to incorporate the body of ethics and moral principles that constitute scientific integrity into all that I do.
I will strive always to ensure that the results of my research and other scientific activities ultimately benefit humanity and that they cause no harm.
With this affirmation, I pledge to acknowledge and honor the contributions of scientists who have preceded me, to seek truth and the advancement of knowledge in all my work, and to become a worthy role model deserving of respect by those who follow me.



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