WVU Hospitals awarded for quality care

Quality of performance high in all five clinical areas measured

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has chosen West Virginia University Hospitals a winner of seven awards in five clinical areas, CMS announced today. The awards mean WVU Hospitals is one of 225 hospitals nationwide that will receive cash incentive payments.

WVU Hospitals will receive $59,074 for its track record over four years in the Premier healthcare alliance value-based purchasing (VBP) project, said Bruce McClymonds, president and CEO of WVU Hospitals.

After first receiving an “attainment” award in a clinical area, a hospital is then eligible for a “top performer” or “top improver” designation.  WVU Hospitals earned two “top performer” awards, one for quality of care given to heart attack patients and one for quality of care given to patients with heart failure.

In the three other clinical areas that were measured against national standards, WVU Hospitals received attainment awards: care given to patients with pneumonia, patients undergoing hip and knee replacements and patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafts.
“Our high rankings are a testament to our single-minded focus on the mission to provide outstanding patient care,” McClymonds said. “We are constantly striving to improve the quality of care we offer our patients. We are delighted that we measured up so well over the four years of the Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration project.”

The project may become a part of national healthcare reforms, said Susan DeVore, Premier president and CEO. “As the proposal of a national value-based purchasing program becomes a reality, hospitals participating in HQID will have six years experience with such a model.”

HQID is the first national project of its kind designed to determine if economic incentives to hospitals are effective at improving the quality of inpatient care. According to Premier, hospitals participating in the project improved the quality of patient care over the four years, improvements that saved the lives of an estimated 4,700 heart attack patients.

For information on the Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration project see http://www.premierinc.com/.

For information on WVU Hospitals see http://www.wvuh.com/.




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