Officers elected for UHA Board of Directors

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Two West Virginia University physicians were elected Tuesday to serve as officers for University Health Associates’ Board of Directors for 2009-2010. 

Michael Hurst, M.D., D.D.S., an otolaryngologist, will chair the board.  Karen MacKay, M.D., a nephrologist, was elected vice chair and secretary. 

UHA is West Virginia’s largest multispecialty physician group practice.   Created in 1971 as the WVU Medical Corporation, its mission is to support the WVU Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.  Member physicians are WVU faculty who provide quality medical care in outpatient clinics throughout the state and at WVU Hospitals. 

UHA employs about 1,000 staff to support the faculty physicians and dentists. 

“We have a good group of physician leaders who have dedicated their lives to their patients and academic healthcare,” Gary Marano, M.D., UHA interim president and CEO, said.  “Under the leadership of Drs. Hurst and MacKay and this board, UHA stands ready to meet the challenges and changes that may be coming our way with healthcare reform.“

Other elected members of the Board of Directors are Sanford Emery, M.D., chair of orthopaedic surgery; pediatrician Norman Ferrari, M.D.; internal medicine physician Ronald Pellegrino, M.D.; vascular surgeon Lakshmikumar Pillai, M.D., and radiologist Ansaar Rai, M.D. 

Ex-officio members of the UHA Board are Dr. Marano; Jim Brick, M.D., interim dean of the WVU School of Medicine, and Fred Butcher, Ph. D., interim vice president of WVU Health Sciences. 



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