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FDA tobacco regulation bill – WVU tobacco research expert available for comment

Congress votes to give Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate tobacco products

     WHAT:  President Obama  is expected to sign the bill giving the FDA unprecedented authority to regulate production, sale and marketing of tobacco products.

     WHO: Alan Ducatman, M.D., is chair of the Department of Community Medicine at WVU. A fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the American College of Physicians, he is an expert on secondhand smoke.

Alan Ducatman, M.D.

     WHY: Healthcare professionals have long pointed to tobacco as a leading contributor to mortality from a number of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke.

For information on the West Virginia Prevention Research Center see http://prc.hsc.wvu.edu/.

For information on the Translational Tobacco Reduction Research Program (T2R2) at WVU see http://www.hsc.wvu.edu/mbrcc/t2r2/.




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