Taking the confusion out of over-the-counter medications

WVU pharmacy students create guide for local pharmacies

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — If you have ever suffered from a cold or allergies, you know how overwhelming it can be to select an over-the-counter medication to stop your sniffles. WVU School of Pharmacy students are helping take the confusion out of the process by creating an over-the-counter medication guide.

The 35-page guide, in flip chart form, highlights common medical ailments such as cold, allergies, constipation and body pain. Each laminated page explains a key over-the-counter medication ingredient, its uses and in which brand name or store brand medication it is found.  Ailment symptoms serve as quick reference tabs, creating easy navigation through the manual.

The flip chart's reference tabs make for easy navigation

“The intent of the guide is to educate the community about over-the-counter medications that they may not know can treat a particular ailment,” explains Alex Winans, a second-year pharmacy student. “With many brand and generic names, as well as store brand over-the-counter medications, choosing the right one can be a difficult and overwhelming experience.” 

The medication guides can be found in pharmacies in the Morgantown area. Patients are encouraged to ask their pharmacists for assistance when selecting medications as well.

“While this guide provides information about many over-the-counter medications, it is not meant to be a pharmacist replacement but a tool to aid in better healthcare,” Winans added. “Speak with your pharmacist about any medication question you have. Also, if you have been experiencing symptoms for several days, it is best to make an appointment with your physician as you may be suffering from a more serious medical condition.”

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