Merlin Fact Sheet

A patient’s electronic health record will include lab results, test results, medical history, medication and allergy information, clinical documentation and billing information.


The Merlin project’s $90 million budget covers Epic software purchase, project team training and system implementation.

Approximately 5,000 licensed users will regularly access the electronic health records.

6,043 training classes have been completed.

Software has been installed on 3,500 desktop computers and 400 computers on wheels.

Time frames

Contract with Epic Systems Corporation Inc. was signed in June 2006.

Estimates are that Merlin will pay for itself in cost savings within seven years.

The Epic project team, now numbering more than 100 members, has been working on Merlin implementation for almost three years.


A Merlin Command Center will be staffed 24-7 through Jan. 31 to address any issues and help resolve them.

The Merlin electronic health record will be in use at all UHA or WVUH sites of service, both inpatient and clinic.


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