WVU announces Camp NEW You

Camp to focus on physical activity and nutrition

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University has created a new summer camp to help young people and their parents practice lifestyle changes that will enable them to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Camp NEW You focuses on increased physical activity and good nutrition and targets 11-14 year olds.

The camp takes place July 13-26, in Morgantown on the WVU campus and in local recreational areas. There will be three additional family workshops throughout the year.

Camp NEW You, which refers to nutrition, exercise, and weight management, is a joint effort between the Department of Pediatrics in the WVU School of Medicine and the School of Physical Education.

The camp activities focus on healthy goal setting and decision making.  Camp counselors emphasize the importance of parent participation in creating healthier home environments that provide opportunities for healthy eating and regular physical activity.

“Camp NEW You focuses on the collaboration of children and parents,” Emily Murphy, a researcher in the department of pediatrics, said. “Children are more likely to follow through with healthy lifestyle changes when their home environment reflects what they’re being taught at camp.”

The registration deadline is June 16.  To be eligible to participate in the camp, children must be referred by a physician.  Parents are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Limited spaces are available.

Total cost of the camp and program is $2,750. Included in the cost is the two-week program this summer and the three follow-up weekends for youth, as well as the required participation days for parent/legal guardian.  West Virginia PEIA healthcare insurance participants will receive full coverage of the cost of the camp, excluding the required co-pay. Scholarships are also available and will be awarded based on need. Participants may be eligible for support from other third party payers.

Campers will have opportunities to participate in a variety of individual and group physical activities. They will also learn skills in making healthier lifestyle choices, applying nutrition knowledge to everyday life. Campers will participate in other fun enrichment activities with new friends.

Participants will be lodged in the Evansdale residential Complex. Three meals and two snacks a day will be provided.

Classes and outings will be lead by trained nutritionists, physical activity experts, behavioral health experts and others each day during camp. Materials such as pedometers, journals and T-shirts are provided to all participants.

In addition, each child is assigned a personal lifestyle coach who is trained to provide support during the camp and after the child returns home. Each coach provides encouragement and accountability. Between camp meetings, coaches will communicate with participants weekly and with parents monthly.  They will also provide e-mail support throughout the 11-month program.

Health care providers will evaluate each participant’s health status through a complete health screening.

To obtain a registration form, physician referral form, scholarship form or for any questions, call (866) 347-4757 or visit www.cardiacwv.org.                                                

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