New WVU Urgent Care Opens
 The new WVU Urgent Care is located off Van Voorhis Rd behind Applebee’s in Suncrest. The new WVU Urgent Care opened its doors to patients for the first time this week (Tuesday, Sept. 4), treating everything from eye infections to sprains and strep. 

“We had a steady flow of patients all week long and we were ready for them,” Mark Rogers, M.D., WVU Urgent Care medical director, said.                        

WVU Urgent Care is located in a new building off Van Voorhis Rd. behind Applebee’s Restaurant in Suncrest, with plenty of free parking.  It will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m., with a WVU physician there at all times.  It has eight rooms, on-site digital X-ray, and lab services such as pregnancy and urine testing.

“This is a great new space specially designed for patients who need medical care right away for minor injuries and illness,” Dr. Rogers said.  “No appointments are necessary; you just walk in.  Our goal is to see each patient within a half-hour.”

The on-site digital X-rays may be read instantly by physicians there, or remotely by radiologists and specialists on the WVU medical campus, if a consultation is necessary.

Physicians in the WVU Department of Emergency Medicine developed the design for the new facility.  The new Urgent Care replaces the Fast Track service previously available in the emergency department at WVU’s Ruby Memorial Hospital.

“One advantage of moving off-site is that doctors can concentrate only on patients seeking urgent care, without the possibility of being called away for an emergency, “ Todd Crocco, M.D., interim chair of emergency medicine, said.  “That will mean a shorter wait for care.”

Rogers agrees, “There’s a high-def TV in our new waiting room, but patients shouldn’t expect to have much time to watch it. Our longest wait time in the first week was about ten minutes.“

WVU Urgent Care accepts most insurance; co-pays vary, but all are less than an emergency room visit.

For more information about WVU Urgent Care, visit http://www.wvu-urgentcare.com/


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