WVU Hospitals receives funds for endovascular imaging equipment

West Virginia University Hospitals will receive $175,000 in federal funds to upgrade medical imaging equipment used for vascular surgery.

The funds, secured by Congressman Alan B. Mollohan as part of the 2008 Labor, Health & Human Services, and Education appropriations bill, will be used to help establish a state-of-the-art imaging suite in the operating room used by WVU’s vascular surgeons.

Vascular surgeons treat problems of veins and arteries, and having ongoing medical imaging throughout a surgical procedure allows them to work with great precision inside these delicate structures.

“Thanks to the support of Congressman Mollohan, surgeons will be able to do advanced imaging while the patient is there in surgery, “ Lakshmikumar Pillai, M.D., said.

The total cost of endovascular imaging equipment ranges from $500 thousand to $750 thousand, and the partial funding from Congressman Mollohan will bring West Virginia University Hospitals a step closer to its endovascular surgery center suite.

“These funds will give health care providers, administrators, and students alike the tools they need to meet the growing demands of the health care field,” Congressman Mollohan said on his Web site, http://www.house.gov/mollohan/

For more information about West Virginia University Hospitals, visit http://www.health.wvu.edu.

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