White Coat Ceremony Will Take Place March 16th

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University School of Medicine students will experience a rite of passage, Friday,  March 16th. The John W. Traubert White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2009 will take place at the Metropolitan Theatre at 6:00pm.

The act of second year medical students receiving their white coat or “cloak of compassion” is intended to symbolize two of the most crucial responsibilities of a physician: to take care of patients and to care for patients.

The White Coat Ceremony, developed in 1993 by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation of New York, takes place at more than 90% of schools of medicine and osteopathy in the United States, as well as at all four medical schools in Israel. WVU held its first Ceremony in 1996 to help students reaffirm their reasons for choosing medicine as their life vocation.

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education Norman D. Ferrari, III, M.D. believes medical students gain “a sense of accomplishment for having reached a huge milestone as they are near the completion of two years of intense study of basic medical science and introductory clinical skills.”

Some elements of the ceremony as listed from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation include: recitation of the Hippocratic Oath, cloaking of students in the white coat, a speech by a prominent medical professional, and celebration at a reception with students’ invited guests.

In 1999, WVU’s White Coat Ceremony was named after retired Dean of Student Services, John W. Traubert.

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