Enrollment Concluded in Blood Substitute Study

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The nationwide study of the proposed blood substitute, PolyHeme®, has reached its target of 720 patients, and the participating trauma centers have stopped enrolling new patients. The product will no longer be carried in Northern West Virginia ambulances participating in cooperation with the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center at West Virginia University.

The study was conducted at about 30 trauma centers across the country.

“We will not know the results of the clinical trial for several months at the earliest,” said Larry Roberts, M.D., trauma center director. “But we appreciate the cooperation of Monongalia Emergency Medical Services and the Marion County Rescue Squad. Their cooperation advanced this research, and may pay dividends for future patients if this product is found to be safe and effective.”

People who excluded themselves from the trial by wearing the opt-out bracelets may now remove and discard them.

- WVU -

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