New Walking League challenge launches Sunday July 2


MORGANTOWN, WV - Now there’s a new way to help keep healthy and in shape. BOPARC’s recently organized West Virginia Walking League will hold quarterly team walking challenges similar to their current softball and basketball leagues.

Working cooperatively with WVU Hospitals and WV Walks to develop the format, BOPARC invites individuals of all ages to form 10-person teams and take to the sidewalks, trails, paths, and other byways for at least 30 minutes of daily walking.

“Just 30 minutes of daily walking wards off that five-plus pounds a year weight-creep common to us over-40 folks,” says Bill Reger-Nash, director of WV Walks, “and it is so good for our health at any and all ages.”

“We are happy to initiate this friendly team walking challenge and we think people all over will like it,” says Melissa Burch, BOPARC’s Associate Director, Administration.

As a team member, individuals, families--both children and adults-- can walk anywhere and anytime, including on vacation or when relatives visit.  Just record daily minutes walked and report the weekly total to your team captain on Saturdays before 9 p.m. 

Team captains then report their team’s weekly total to BOPARC and scores will be sent to The Dominion Post, which will publish a list of standings.

The team with the most minutes walked in the months of July and August, and for all three months combined (July-September) will win prizes - $20 for each team member in the monthly categories and $50 per team member for the team winning the three-month overall challenge.  

 “We’re thrilled to be the first sponsor of the WV Walking League, and the timing is great,” says Stephanie Bock, director of community relations at WVU Hospitals. “The first competition coincides with the end of our very popular ‘Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days’ challenge; therefore, we’re hopeful that those participants will join in and keep on walking.”

The effect that exercise can have on your health is almost immediate,” she continues. “Whether you walk on the rail-trail, on a treadmill, at the mall or around your neighborhood, keep moving or start today! You’lllook great, feel great, and improve your overall health.”

Each team will have a name and a captain. Groups from families to worksites, neighborhoods, fraternal and service organizations, faith-based/church groups, schools, fire and EMS squads, can form their own team. Individuals and small groups can also enroll and BOPARC will assign them to a team.

WVU Hospitals is sponsoring this first League challenge. Other sponsors are being sought for teams and for future challenges in subsequent quarters. 

 “We just don’t know which team’s members will take the time to walk every single day, as we all should,” says Bock, “but we are excited to see who wins.”

Ideally, one needs to walk more than 30 minutes daily for optimal health benefits and weight loss, Dr. Reger-Nash explains, but the 30-minute daily recommendation of moderate-intensity physical activity comes from the U.S. Surgeon General and other major health promotion sources. 

“Thirty minutes a day, even broken into three 10-minutes bouts, is a significant achievement and will be good for individuals and the entire community,” says Reger-Nash.

Enrollment information is available at www.boparc.org (click on “WV Walking League” link), in flyers at local businesses, or by calling BOPARC at 304 -296-8356.

Deadline for enrollment for the summer challenge is June 24th. Information on League challenges for residents outside of Monongalia County is also posted on the website or available upon request.


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