WVU, Research!America Promote Injury Prevention

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – An advertisement focusing on motor vehicle crash prevention, created by Research!America, will run in Parade magazine this Sunday (May 7) in several markets including West Virginia.

Twelve federally-funded injury control research centers, including the West Virginia University Injury Control Research Center, have partnered with the Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research and Research!America to bring more public attention and resources to injury prevention.

“Providing information to the public is critical in helping them to lead healthier and safer lives,” said Jim Helmkamp, Ph.D., director of the ICRC.

Over the past several years, Helmkamp and his staff at the WVU injury center have been involved in a variety of activities that have helped to promote safe recreation, including ATV safety. More than 3,000 copies of the video, “Another Tragic Victim,” have been distributed to a variety of agencies, organizations, and individuals throughout West Virginia and beyond stressing the importance of ATV safety. The video played a role in the passage of West Virginia’s sentinel ATV safety legislation in 2004.

The ICRC has also developed materials that promote safe work environments in West Virginia. A video, “Some Mistakes Last Forever,” and an accompanying 132-page safety field guide was used in required logger training conducted by the West Virginia Division of Forestry from April 2002 through March 2005. The video-based training has led to significant improvements in safety knowledge and attitudes in West Virginia loggers. Several thousand videos and field guides have been distributed to loggers across the state, and neighboring states of Kentucky and Pennsylvania have expressed interest in using these media materials in their own logger training.

Another video, “A Tractor Accident Can Happen to Anyone,” has been distributed through the West Virginia Farm Bureau to more than 5,700 farmers in West Virginia to promote the use of rollover protection systems and seat belts to help prevent traumatic injuries when farmers operate their tractors.  The West Virginia version of the video has been adapted for a national audience and is being distributed by the Great Lakes Center for Agricultural Safety and Health at Ohio State University.

The ICRC has also collaborated with the West Virginia Mountain State Geriatric Education Center to provide emergency preparedness information for West Virginia’s senior citizens. The video, ”When Disaster Strikes,” and a 22-page manual, was distributed through the state’s Rural Health Education Partnerships network and the Area Health Education Consortium.

For more information on any of these materials, call the WVU Injury Control Research Center at (304) 293-6682.

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