WVUH, Blue Cross Extend Contract

One-month agreement will allow further negotiations

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University Hospitals and Mountain State Blue Cross/Blue Shield agreed to a one-month contract extension Wednesday, providing patients with access to the hospital as an in-network facility through May 31.

“The hospital and Mountain State agree that an extension is in the best interests of our patients,” said WVUH President Bruce McClymonds. “The interim agreement provides for a small upward adjustment in reimbursement to the hospital, to a level that we can accept in the short term in order to maintain services for all our patients.”

"We are pleased to reach agreement with WVU Hospitals on this contract extension on behalf of our members,” said Gregory K. Smith, president and CEO of Mountain State. “We look forward to working diligently with WVU Hospitals representatives to finalize terms on a long term agreement."

Hospitals that are in an insurance company’s network usually have a discount contract with insurers that protects patients from having to pay any amount above the deductible and co-pay required by their plan. The expiring WVUH-Mountain State Blue Cross/Blue Shield contract is  such a discount contract. 

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