Gayle Manchin Joins ‘Doctors on Call’ April 20

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia’s first lady, Gayle Manchin, will join two West Virginia University experts to answer viewers’ questions about women’s health in a special live presentation of “Doctors On Call” at 8 p. m. Thursday, April 20, on West Virginia Public Television.

First Lady Manchin recently launched a statewide women’s health initiative, “Go Red for Women,” in cooperation with the American Heart Association. 

“As nurturers, women have always been seen as the ‘caretakers’ of the family,” Manchin said recently. “This perception through the centuries has imposed an impracticable image on women of never being sick, never needing check-ups, and never paying attention to physical warning signs from their bodies.

“Fortunately, society now realizes that women face the same health risks as men, and in order to remain productive members of a family, they must be cognizant of their bodies and their life styles. What we may sometimes overlook is that heart disease is not a respecter of age or position: It can be a mother or a daughter—a sister or a neighbor—a leader or an associate—it can be someone else, or it can be you!”

Joining her on the program will be:

Host Bob D’Alessandri, MD, vice president of health sciences at WVU and president of the Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute at WVU.

Laura Davisson, MD, is an internal medicine physician and clinic co-director of the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health at WVU. She received her medical degree and specialty training from WVU. Her special interests include women’s health and nutrition.

Ann Cather, MD, is a family medicine physician and co-director of the educational component of the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health at WVU. Her special interests include women’s health care and preventative medicine.

Doctors On Call is in its fourteenth season, and is a joint production of the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center at WVU (www.health.wvu.edu) and West Virginia Public Broadcasting (www.wvpubcast.org), a statewide network of radio, television, Internet and educational resources.    

This program is made possible with major support from Mylan Pharmaceuticals and Purdue Pharma. Other underwriters include The Health Plan, HealthSouth Mountainview Rehabilitation Hospital, and the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.

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