Biofilms Conference Slated in Morgantown

Researchers share latest developments

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Four nationally recognized experts in the science of biofilms will present their research in a “Bench-to-Bedside Symposium” from 1-5 p.m., March 23, at Lakeview Resort and Conference Center near Morgantown.

Biofilms are communities of bacteria that cause infection. They are found in wet environments inside and outside the body – including on teeth and implanted medical devices and tubing, and inside water supply lines and industrial settings (water-cooling pipes and oil pipelines).

Scheduled speakers and topics include:

  • J. William Costerton, Ph.D., director, Center for Biofilms, School of Dentistry, University of Southern California — “Tertiary Organization in Tissue-Associated Biofilms;”
  • Paul Stoodley, Ph.D., associate professor, Center for Genomic Sciences, Allegheny-Singer Research Institute — “Bacterial biofilms-from the environment to infectious disease;”
  • Howard Ceri, Ph.D., chairman, Biofilm Research Group, University of Calgary— “Antibiotic Susceptibility of Biofilms: A Case for Persister Populations and Genetic Diversity as Insurance Policies;” and
  • Rex Yung, M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center — “Biofilms, Cancer, and Immune Function.”

John Thomas, Ph.D., of the WVU School of Medicine and director of clinical research in WVU’s Biofilm Research Center, is the host of the session. It is intended for scientists, physicians, dentists, students, educators, and administrators with interests in basic and clinical research.

For information, please contact Dr. Thomas at 304-293-3204  or  jthomas@hsc.wvu.edu

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