McCloy Emerging from Coma

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Randal McCloy’s condition remained fair Wednesday at West Virginia University Hospitals. He continues to show slight neurological improvements, and his physician, Larry Roberts, M.D., said today that he can no longer be described as being in a coma.

"He is more awake, and is able to chew and swallow soft foods," Dr. Roberts said. "But he is still not able to speak with us."

Over the past 24 hours, McCloy has developed a slight fever, which his medical team is treating. He has not required hemodialysis in the past few days. Although he has been able to eat a small amount of food, he is still using a feeding tube.

For other information, and past updates see: http://www.health.wvu.edu/mccloy/mccloy.htm.

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