McCloy Remains Critical

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.--Randal McCloy, the sole survivor of last week’s Sago Mine accident, remains in critical condition at West Virginia University Hospitals.

At a press briefing this morning,  Larry Roberts, MD, director of the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center at WVU Hospitals, reported that Mr. McCloy’s overall condition remains essentially unchanged. He is still in a coma, and has a mild fever.

Julian Bailes, M.D., chair of neurosurgery at WVU, reported that McCloy’s neurological status has not changed. An EEG test showed considerable brain wave activity. An MRI has helped the physicians establish the areas of the brain injured by carbon monoxide exposure.

WVU has established a web page for the public and the news media that will be updated as often as needed. A video of this morning’s briefing will be available later today. The site is: http://www.health.wvu.edu/mccloy/mccloy.htm


There will be no further daily press briefings until there is a significant change to report. We will continue to distribute written updates.

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