Doc Hollywood to Visit WVUH Child Development Center

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Neil Shulman, M.D., a.k.a the “Real Doc Hollywood,” from the Emory University School of Medicine, will present a 30-minute, live-action romp in the WVUH Child Development Center at 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14. Shulman, creator of the book and film “Doc Hollywood” starring Michael J. Fox, teaches children the importance of good health.

Known as "Dr. Neil the Banana Peal" to his audiences, Shulman helps children overcome their fear of doctors through his traveling show, "What's in a Doctor's Bag?" He also teaches children the importance of immunizations with "The Germ Patrol," a magical journey through the human body.

“What’s in a Doctor’s Bag?” spots are featured on West Virginia Public Broadcasting between popular children’s programs like Sesame Street. These entertaining spots teach kids to practice healthy habits because they are easy to understand and fun to watch. 

“These spots are consistent with West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s mission of helping kids become lifelong leaders,” said Rita Ray, executive director of West Virginia Public Broadcasting.     

Shulman has performed his “What’s in a Doctor’s Bag?” to children around the world as well as to the Disney Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, the LA Times, MD Anderson at the University of Texas and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Wearing a top hat, red polka-dot bowtie and white lab coat, Shulman teaches children about health dos and don’ts such as covering your mouth when you sneeze, brushing your teeth, listening to your heart sounds, protecting your ear drums, treating viruses and bacteria and picking your nose – a definite don’t.

Children can watch  “What’s in a Doctor’s Bag?” videos, print coloring book pages, and do fun activities by visiting www.whatsinadoctorsbag.com.

Shulman also encourages adults to learn medical tips that “could save their life” by visiting www.redlightwarningsignals.com. This four part learning series encourages adults to research body-part-specific health problems, general symptoms and signs, symptoms during pregnancy and post-pregnancy and pediatric health symptoms.

In addition to being a physician and entertainer, Shulman is also an associate professor at the Emory University School of Medicine, author of 23 combined adult and children’s books, filmmaker, inventor and humanitarian.  More information about Shulman and his health education programs can be found at www.dochollywood.com.

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