Cancer Center Leader Named to National Position

MORGANTOWN, WV— Pamela Brown, MPA, associate director for Cancer Prevention and Control at West Virginia University’s Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center, has been named chair-elect of the Intercultural Cancer Council.

The ICC is the largest multicultural health policy organization in America, focusing on health disparities among minority and underserved populations.

Brown has served as an ICC member for eight years.  During that time she has advocated the inclusion of underserved, low-income white people as a special population at higher risk for cancer, poorer quality of life, and earlier death.

“Access to quality care is a civil rights issue,” said Brown.  “By standing together, speaking with one voice, ICC is fighting to end health care disparities that impact the health of poor and uninsured people of all races and ethnicities in our cities, and in the hills and ‘hollers’ of West Virginia.”

As head of Cancer Prevention and Control at WVU, Brown leads several federally funded programs designed to translate research findings into education programs and training for health care providers and the public.  Under her leadership, the Cancer Center has expanded its grassroots community programs to help citizens learn about cancer-related issues.  It also continued development of culturally appropriate, easy-to-read cancer information brochures to help support these programs.

In her new position, Brown will continue to champion resolutions to health care disparities that are prevalent in central Appalachia.

“No West Virginia woman should ever die from cervical cancer; no West Virginia woman should ever be diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer; no West Virginian should be denied access to high-quality care because of lack of insurance; no West Virginian should ever be denied information on clinical trials because of income or perceived inability to comply with a protocol,” said Brown.  “These are the issues I care about. As an ICC leader, I will keep the unequal burden of cancer in Appalachia in the national spotlight.”

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