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Charge Nurse University Graduates Inaugural Class
WVUH Charge Nurse University Logo: "Leading with the head and heart"Charge Nurse University, a 12-month leadership education program offered through the Center for Education and Organizational Development (CEOD), recently graduated its inaugural class of inductees.

The ceremony to honor graduates was held Dec. 1 at the Erickson Alumni Center. Mary Fanning, RN, MSN, director of nursing administration, was the commencement speaker and awarded each participant a certificate.

The program began in January 2010. Inductees completed a rigorous curriculum that included topics such as: effective communication, patient safety, delegation, stress management, service recovery, and non-violent crisis intervention.

Charge nurses play a key leadership role in ensuring that healthcare works for everyone involved in the organization, including patients, families, physicians, nurses and other staff. They manage people, schedules, work systems, equipment and supplies, and any other facets that are vital to a unit's success.

"It's essential to the organization that our charge nurses receive opportunities to develop their leadership abilities," said Heather Malcolm, MSN, RN, nurse clinician and education specialist in the CEOD. "We are very proud of our first class of graduates!"

The next session of the program will begin in January 2012.

Congratulations to the Charge Nurse University Class of 2010!

  Robert Anthony – 7W
Jessica Bazzoli – 5N
Melissa Bellotte – 6E
Carrie Booher – 8E
Cinthia Cendena – 5N
Kathryn Christenson – PACU
Heather Colebank – BMT
Kelly Collins – SNU
Michelle Colyer – 8NE
Karen Drennen – 10W
Mandy Fluharty – 6E
Paula Fotta – PAU
Alison Gambrel – MICU/SICU
Donna Gatian – 5N
Christy Glass – PICU
Marcia Hughes – MICC
Jill Koon – PICU
Joshua Levendorf – ED
Renee Loar – 8W
Crystal Mayle – 9E
Carol McKinney – ED
Patricia Medved – MICU/SICU
Tammy Miller – NICU
Tiffany Miller – PICU
Regina Miller – 10E
  Forrest Moodispaw – 10E
Lisa Neratka – OBS
Lenora Owens – 10E
Angela Price – MBRCC
Christine Reiner – 9W
Becky Richards – 7E
Holly Riley – PICU
Tammie Ritenour – MBRCC
Beth Rohrig – PICU
Stacey Roupe – 8NE
Tara Rozzo – 8W
Sandra Ryan – 2W
Paula Sexton – 2W
Tebony Shaffer – 9E
Kimberly Slavensky – ED
Rachel Smith – PACU
Kristin Smitsky – Children’s Hospital
Crystal Snitz – 5N
Maggie Stoppe – ED
Tina Thomas – NICU
Mandy Tolliver – 6E
Kimberly Vargo – PICU
Stephanie Wertman – ED
Mary Wilson – 2W
Karen Wolf – 10E
Roberta Wozniak – 7E
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